Patch 1.1 - New Character Art!

We heard you, you asked for better panel art and thanks to a new member who joined our team, it was made possible! (She's in the credits by the way)

- New Character Art (old one has been moved way back in order)
- Added brightness slider for Side art!
- Fixed Bullet Priorities (so they don't blend in each other anymore)
- Fixed alternate bullet colors having less frames than the originals

Files 65 MB
Dec 02, 2017

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I just bought this game as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, and holy **** I did not expect this! This game is clearly on par with Toaplan games like Donpachi, DoDonpachi and Batsugun! The visuals are beautiful, the gameplay is challenging, the controls are fluent, and the music captures the 90's bullet hell genre down to a T. I cannot stop raving about this game, seriously! What a breath of fresh air! Beautiful work! <3 *applauds*